Cinematic Pop Music from Berlin

Songs that stop time. Boy Acosha turns seemingly small stories into universal narratives about love, fear, courage, doubt, fury or hope. Music as deceleration, full of radiant clarity, a new draft of Pop, full of depth, full of sparkle and: a cinematic flair.

"One day after I watched the movie Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki, a mysterious anime from 2001, it really stuck with me. The impression of the huge bathhouse, the girl Chihiro, Yubaba the witch, the various ghosts, the atmosphere of rain, baths, rivers and the ocean, I was totally drawn in. That was the moment when I started to write songs about it."

Boy Acosha portrait

Growing up with the longing to write his own melodies, Boy Acosha surrounded himself with music from childhood. Attending rehearsals of his fathers Irish Folk band, was chosen to sing in a Baroque children's choir and received Jazz and Classical piano training. Today he switches effortlessly between musical genres, contributing with his vast musical knowledge to music projects in many different roles.

Moving to Berlin, Boy Acosha was engaged as producer/engineer for bands and artists of many different styles. After diving deep into Folk, Soul, Jazz, Chanson, Classical, Trap and Hip Hop, Boy Acosha now emerges with a comprehensive bouquet of original songs.

"Since the moment I decided to make a solo record I am literally swamped by ideas. I feel I'm bursting with melodies. There is plenty of everything. Wonder and curiosity. Emotion, vulnerability, tenderness, euphoria, magic."


Boy Acosha Spellbound cover art



A song about how to survive in a magical world

Boy Acosha Venture Underwater cover art


Venture Underwater

A song to get you over and under water

Boy Acosha The Great Parade cover art


The Great Parade

A song about welcoming the ghosts

Boy Acosha One Way Ride cover art


One Way Ride

A song about letting go



A song about love



A song to celebrate anger

Boy Acosha Go cover art



A song about the dire need for change

Boy Acosha Circle In A Square cover art


Circle In A Square

A song about the joy of failing

Boy Acosha Nice Nice Nice cover art


Nice Nice Nice

A song about why being nice is precarious 

Boy Acosha feat. Lavinia Hope Guardian Spirit cover art


Guardian Spirit feat. Lavinia Hope

A song about trust

Boy Acosha As We Are Falling cover art


As We Are Falling

A song to loose yourself


Inside Out

A song about confidence

My full length album "The Bathhouse" was released on October 10th 2023.

Thanks to everyone who is a part of this, who supports my stuff and walks the path with me!

I hope this album gives you something, gets you through a difficult time or just entertains you. It's yours now. I let go. ;)

Boy Acosha - The Bathhouse cover art